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First of all, I want to repeat that this is stunning, and I love it! That's why I gave you 5 stars in Vision. As far as originality goe...



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Pride Flags Explained!

I'll try to list as many pride colors as I can think of.

Pride Stamp by xxstamps Gay Pride (Rainbow - Gay, Gay Men, Lesbians, and sometimes the entire Queer community. The rainbow represents acceptance of all sexual orientations.)
Labrys Lesbian Pride (Purple with Labrys in inverted black triangle [different versions exist] - Lesbians, women, and feminism, and gynephilic people who identify as female. Labrys became a symbol of lesbians and feminists due to the popularity of a female empowerment publication called Labrys Magazine. In addition, the black triangle is a symbol of lesbians due to the fact that many lesbians were forced to wear it in concentration camps during the Holocaust under the idea that they were "asocial" and did not conform to heteronormativity).
DA Stamp - Bisexuality 01 by tppgraphics Bisexual Pride (Pink, Purple, and Blue - Bisexuals and sometimes all multisexual/non-monosexual/multiple gender attracted people.)
Pansexual Pride by andshedreamed Pansexual Pride (Pink, yellow, blue - Pansexual. The pink and blue represent the gender binary of male and female attraction while yellow represents attraction beyond the binary. Yellow was also chosen because it represents life and happiness. The color yellow is also rarely used in pride flags, with the exception of those that include rainbows. The pansexual flag was based on the pink, purple, and blue bisexual flag, but the yellow stripe gives the pansexual flag its own unique identity.)
Polysexual Pride (Pink, green, and blue - Polysexual. Based on bisexual colors.. Pink represents attraction to females. Blue represents attraction to males. Green most likely represents attraction to people with non-binary gender identities.)
Transgender and Transsexualism by andshedreamed Transgender and Transsexual Pride (Light blue stripe, pink stripe, white stripe, pink stripe, blue stripe - Transgender people and transsexuals. Also sometimes for all genderqueer, intersex, drag, and all gender non-conforming identified people. Although, it is important to note that genderqueer and intersex people have their own respective flags as well. This flag was created by a trans woman named Monica Helms who says: "The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional color for baby boys. The stripes next to them are pink, the traditional color for baby girls. The stripe in the middle is white, for those who are intersex, transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender. The pattern is such that no matter which way you fly it, it is always correct, signifying us finding correctness in our lives.")
Two-Spirit (Rainbow flag with a Native American symbol in the middle - Two-Spirit identified people. The rainbow represents the LGBT spectrum, and the Native American symbol represents the cultural origin of Two Spirit.)
Genderqueer Stamp by sunbirds Genderqueer Pride (Lavender, white, and dark green - Genderqueer Pride. Lavender is a mixture of blue and pink and represents genderqueer people who identify as both male and female. The white stripe represents genderqueer people who fall outside of the female-male binary. Dark green represents the inverse of lavender for those who do not identify as female nor male).
Feather Pride Flag (A gold phoenix in front of red triangles and a black and white triangle pattern - Drag pride, drag queen pride, drag king pride, pride for those attracted to people in drag, and other fetishes. The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth while the red triangles represent the passion that the drag community had during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. NOTE: The Feather Pride flag has nothing to do with fetishes concerning feathers or birds. The name comes strictly from the phoenix symbol and only represents the drag community, people attracted to people in drag, and similar sexual orientations and gender identities.)
Androgynous Pride (Gray flag with an equal sign in which the top part is blue and the bottom is pink - Androgyny. The gray part of the flag represents the gray area between genders. The equal sign represents the equality between men and women.)
Intersex Pride by andshedreamed Bigender Pride (Lavender, white, light blue, pink, white, lavender - Bigendered people. The outer lavender stripes represent different mixtures of female and male characteristics, and the blue and pink stripes represent the presence of male and female mixed identities, and the white stands for sexuality and transitioning. NOTE: Early I had said that it is the Intersex and Bigender flag, but it is actually only representativ of Bigenderness. Intersexuality has sometimes been incorrectly and inappropriately attached to other flags even though there is an official Intersex flag).
Intersex Pride by RadicalRadio Intersex Pride (Purple circle against a yellow background - Intersexuality. Yellow represents neutrality in gender instead of associating masculinity with blue and femininity with pink. It is also the main color of the Hermaphrodite Flag. The circle symbolizes wholeness).
Trigender Pride (Pink stripe, blue stripe, green stripe, blue stripe, and pink stripe - Trigender and possibly Third Gender. This is not an official flag but is a proposed or potential flag. The meaning of the colors are unknown, though it is very likely that pink represents the female aspect of gender, blue for male, and green for third or other gender.)
Hermaphrodite Flag (Stripes in shades of orange, yellow, and green with purple Venus' hand mirror / female symbol and Mars' shield / male symbol joined together in the center - Hermaphrodite Pride. Yellow represents neutrality in gender instead of associating masculinity with blue and femininity with pink. The flag is based on the Gay Pride flag in the sense of having a spectrum of hues that represent a fluid spectrum of gender. Venus and Mars symbols represent the unity of female and male characteristics and genitalia, with purple symbolizing the mixture of pink and blue as feminine and male colors. NOTE: Hermaphrodite should not be confused with intersex. The word "intersex" is an umbrella term for people born with androgynous or ambiguous genitalia. Hermaphrodites are a specific type of intersexuality in which a person has both sets of female and male genitalia. Hermaphrodites are considered part of the intersex spectrum; ironically, "hermaphrodite" used to be the accepted term for all intersexuality until intersex activists intervened.)
Genderfluid Pride (Pink, white, purple, black, blue - Genderfluid. Pink represents femininity. White represents all genders. Purple represents masculinity and femininity. Black represents genderlessness. Blue stands for masculinity.)
Non-Binary Pride (Black, white, orange, and yellow - For those who identify outside the male-female gender identity binary. This may or may not be the "official" flag, and other variations exist. The exact meaning of each color of the flag is unknown. The following meanings are just my guesses based on the color interpretations of other pride flags, so they may or ma not be accurate. The black stripe might represent agender, third-gender, or genderlessness. White may stand for equality or neutral/unidentified/questioning gender or sexuality. Orange may stand for lithromantics, which are people who may have romantic feelings towards others but either do not want their love to be reciprocated or do not require romantic love to be a part of relationships. Yellow may represent happiness or being outside the gender binary.)
Polyamory Pride Flag - (Blue, red, and black with a gold lowercase pi from the Greek alphabet. Polyamory. Blue represents openness and honesty between all lovers involved in each relationship. Red represents love and passion. Black represents all people in open and consensual relationships who have to hide their relationships due to social discrimination. The golden pi represents the value placed on emotional attachments to others.)
Asexuality by flying-wolf-32 Asexual Pride (Black stripe, grey stripe, white stripe, and purple stripe - Asexual, demisexual, and sometimes aromantic. The black stripe represents asexuality. The gray stripe represents grey area between sexual and asexual feelings. The white stripe represents sexuality. The purple stripe represents community.)
Demisexual Pride (A thick white stripe, thin purple stripe, and a thick gray stripe with a black triangle on the dominating the left side - Demisexuals. Again, the meaning of the colors is unknown, though it appears to be based on the Asexual Pride Flag. The thick white stripe might symbolize sexuality, agender, intersexuality, transitioning, genderlessness, or being outside the straight-gay and male-female binaries. The thin purple stripe might represent female and male relationships, and the gray stripe might stand for asexuality. Black triangle might stand for romantics who reject traditional romance, asexuality, agender or genderlessness.)
Aromantic Pride (Green, yellow, orange, and black - Aromantic and lithromantic. According to the creators of the flag: "We designed the flag to be as inclusive as possible and we used fairly basic color symbolism. Green, (being the opposite, complimentary color to red, which usually represents romance), represents aromanticism. Yellow, like the yellow rose which represents friendship, stands for various forms of queerplatonic love. Orange, being red once removed toward yellow, represents lithromantics. And black represents romantics who choose to reject traditional romance.")
Neutrois Pride (White, green, and black - Neutrois [genderless, agender, neutral gender, etc.]. The white stripe stands for neutral, unidentified, or questioning gender. The green stripe represents non-binary gender. The black stripe represents agender, asexuality, or third-gender.)
Leather Pride Flag. by Ambelleina Leather Pride - (Black stripe, blue stripe, black stripe, blue stripe, white stripe, blue stripe, black stripe, blue stripe, black stripe, and a red heart in the upper left corner - Leather subculture. Black and blue stripes represent "being black and blue," which sometimes occurs after a leather encounter. The vast majority of people in the leather subculture emphasize consent and safety during leather sexual activity.)
BDSM Pride (Black stripe, blue stripe, black stripe, blue stripe, white stripe, blue stripe, black stripe, blue stripe, black stripe, and the Quagmyr's BDSM emblem in red and white in the middle - BDSM subculture [Bondage and Discipline, Sadomasochism, and Domination and Submission]. Based on the Leather flag combined with Quagmyr's BDSM emblem.)
Lipstick Lesbian Pride - (Stripes of different shades of red, purple, and pink with a white stripe in the middle as well as a lipstick print in the upper left corner. - Lipstick / Femme / Feminine Lesbians and other feminine female identified people who are attracted to female identified people. The shades of red, purple, and pink represents traditionally female associated colors.)
Boi Pride ([from right to left, top to bottom, diagonal stripes at a 45 degree angle] Green stripe, black stripe, green stripe, black stripe, white stripe, black stripe, green stripe, black stripe, green stripe, and a red heart in the upper right corner - Boi or boy, with boi sometimes associated with butch lesbian or young gay man. Based on the Leather pride flag, the diagonal tilt represents the elevated status of the Sir over the submissive status of the boi or boy. The red heart is in the right corner to symbolize where a boi/boy's heart is, and the green color represents a boyish color, possibly denoting the "green" or inexperienced young man.)
The International Bear Brotherhood Pride Flag (Brown, orange, yellow, light beige, white, grey, and black with a bear paw print in black in the upper left corner - Bears [hairy gay men]. The colors represent the various skin tones and natural hair colors as a sign of equality and unity. In addition, hair color has a connection to the body hair of self-identified bears.)
Furry Pride (Canine) (A plain white flag with a gray dog pawprint in the middle - Furry pride specifically for dog/canine focused furries, but it can sometimes represent all furries, Anthro, Morph, and Yiffies in the community. This is one of many flags that represent the Furry community, and there doesn't seem to be a consensus on which is the "official" or widely accepted flag. The dog pawprint represents the canine type fandom and also can also represent furries in general. It is unknown what the colors of the flag represent.)
Furry Pride (Feline) (Light blue, pink, and light purple with a white cat pawprint in the middle - Furry pride specifically for cat/feline/kitten furries, but it can also sometimes represent all furries, Anthro, Morph, and Yiffies. The light blue represents males, pink represents females, and light purple represents transgender individuals. The white cat paw print represents felines and also equality for furries of all genders.)
Androphilia Pride (Black, gray, white, and green - Androphilia in people of all gender identities. The meaning of each color in the flag is unknown for certain, but it is possible to make an educated guess based on other pride flags. Black could stand for gender neutrality or rejection of the straight-gay binary and the female-male binary. Gray might stand for the gray area between genders, reflecting that many gender non-conforming people identify as androphilic. White may represent equality, intersexuality, transitioning or neutral gender, or the idea that attraction to males does not equate to femininity. Green might symbolize masculinity or attraction to males.)
Gynephilia Pride (Black, gray, white, and pink - Gynephilia in people of all gender identities. The flag is not an official flag, just a proposed one. It appears to be based on the Androphilia Pride Flag. It is uncertain what each color stands for, but based on the Androphilia Pride Flag and other flags, this is my educated guess. Black could stand for gender neutrality or rejection of the straight-gay binary and the female-male binary. Gray might stand for the gray area between genders, reflecting that many gender non-conforming people identify as gynephilic. White may represent equality, intersexuality, transitioning or neutral gender, or the idea that attraction to females does not necessarily a result of masculinity or femininity. And pink is probably a tribute to attraction to all female identified people.)
Victory Over AIDS flag - (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black stripes. Clearly based on the Gay Pride rainbow flag. Although it is based on the Gay Pride flag, it most likely does not only represent AIDS in the male gay community. A person of any sexual orientation and gender identity can contract HIV or AIDS. The extra black stripe probably represents death, but it is possible that it represents triumph over darkness).
Marriage Equality by blackdahlia Marriage Equality (A red background with a pink equals sign - For all those who support the right of people to marry whomever they choose, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It is usually representative of the battle for same-sex marriage in the United States but can also represent equal marital rights internationally. The flag was originally a blue background with a yellow equals sign. It was created by the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that fights for LGBT rights. It became increasingly popular at the same time that the demand for equal marital rights sparked the nation, so the organization changed it to red and pink to represent love, passion, equality, and the queer community.)
Straight Ally For LGBTQ Rights by LeiAndLove Ally Pride (Inverted V-shaped Rainbow triangle against black and white stripes - Allies, who usually identify as straight and cisgender, supporting the LGBT community, though it can also include people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The inverted rainbow V represents the A in Activism while the black stripes represent heterosexuality.)
Metrosexual Pride (Light gray stripe, dark gray stripe, black stripe, purple stripe, black stripe, dark gray stripe, light gray stripe with a picture of a metrosexual man in the upper left corner [the man might be Mark Thaler, creator of the flag] - Metrosexual. It is unclear what each color means. The creator Mark Thaler sells memorabilia with this flag on it.)
Heterosexuality by flying-wolf-32 Heterosexual Pride (Black and white stripes - Heterosexual, usually cisgender, people. The black and white stripes represent attraction to the opposite sex. This is a very controversial flag because unlike the Ally Pride flag, which represents straight people and others who specifically support the LGBT community, the heterosexual flag is not necessarily an ally flag. Some heterosexual-identified people use the flag as a homophobic reaction to LGBT pride. Others may use the flag as an indicator of their sexual orientation, but even that motivation is very questionable to the idea of equality in the face of privilege.)


I'm sorry that I haven't been able to be online lately.  I have been having a lot of stress at school, and my health hasn't been so great.  I'm going to try to be online more, but I might have to spend a lot of time on missed homework.

The Uncanny! [Professor X]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:22 PM

Professor X Banner by SavvyRed



Professor X by StuartMcGhee


September 2014

Once again, I apologize for being late.  Not only have I been very busy (nearly failing my Chinese class that has a quiz and a test every single week except for the weeks that it has an exam), but my health has been terrible.  I was in the hospital the last few days.  I've had horrible abdominal pain, but the doctors can't figure out why, so I have to get a cat scan.  Plus, I have many personal problems like with my older sister who thinks there is no reason for her not to live in the same apartment with the man who molested me when I was fifteen.  I've disowned her as a sister.  Anyway, I feel bad that I was so late on this, so everyone in this feature will be getting 5 deviantART points.  The first five Comic Underground members to reply to this journal will also receive 5 deviantART points each.

Anyway . . .

If you don't know what the Comic Character of the Month contest is, here is an explanation:

Comic Underground hosts a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, I choose a comic book character, and people submit artwork based on that character.  All artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but I'd prefer that submissions be put in the Comic Character of the Month gallery.  The winner gets 10 deviantART points, a permanent place for their winning work in the Featured section.  Everyone who submitted work will have their work in the group feature (which is this!)

Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski Jasinski

One thing that fascinates me about Professor Charles Xavier is the huge difference between his elder self and his younger self.  Let's face it: Patrick Stewart as a wise but sometimes humorless senior citizen didn't really drive all the fangirls and fanboys crazy (except maybe some people who find Captain Picard and Gandalf very sexy).  In X-Men: First Class and X-men: Days of Future Past, the professor is mainly shown as handsome, young, and charismatic (and he also has great hair).  It seemed like overnight, Professor X metamorphosed from the principal with the reflective forehead into British Guy Hottie McHot Hot.

The X-men are often referred to "Amazing" or "Uncanny."  The word "Uncanny" is not just a word that people use when they talk about mutants.  It comes from a German word called "heimlich."  (It has nothing to do with the Heimlich maneuver).  Heimlich roughly translates to "homely," "familiar," or "comfortable."  Rather than just being a synonym for the word "house," it really denotes anything or any place that makes you feel at ease because you're used to it.  Thus, the opposite of something that is heimlich, a well-known and secure place, is "unheimlich" or "uncanny."  Unheimlich means uncomfortable, unknown, and outside the norm; it means something that makes you feel unsafe and unwelcome.  And it is the perfect word to describe the X-men.

As an aging, physically handicap super-mutant genius, Professor Charles Xavier is definitely a character who appears unheimlich to younger generations.  It's not that he's not unrecognizable or scary.  In fact, he seems very safe and tame.  And there begins the disconnect.  Teenagers don't usually see mature, superiority, and strictness to be sexy or cool.  They like elderly men as mentors and father figures, and becomes really problematic if you're trying to convince a teenager to see someone who is over seventy years old as being hot.  Elderly Professor Xavier is very unheimlich, so, as a the main character of X-men: First Class, the screenwriters and casting directors had the challenge of taking a somewhat older character and recreating him as someone who would charm a younger audience making him closer to how they feel about themselves. A younger, better looking protagonist definitely boosted the amount of empathy and attraction.  Elder Xavier always seemed so perfect, so put together.  In X-men: First Class and X-men: Days of Future Past, he had more depth and problems that a young people relate to rather than being the omniscient wiseman whose emotions are always in check and never seems to make mistakes.

And the great thing about it is that they never had to get rid of Old Professor X either.


[November 2014]
Hawkgirl banner by SavvyRed


Now that you've read this uber-long post, please look at the wonderful artwork!


Cherik: Hypnotic Groove by ikriamX-Men Tarot - Professor X - The Hierophant by IAmABananaOoProfessor X by bozacX-men: CHARLES BELIEVES IN YOU! by ikriamX-Men Days of Future Past: Human by arisupaintsTHE PROFESSOR'S CHARMING SECRET by Sabrerine911Original X-Men by olybearMarvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 splash page by conradknightsocksAppetite for xavier by TomKellyARTGay X-men Logo MkII by Yautja-SteveCharles Xavier by RetardMessiahPROFESSAH X! by Sabrerine911Family Portrait by tiosmio25James McAvoy by AyvazyanMaraX-Men: Days of Future Past  (2014) - Retro Poster by CAMW1NUltimo Participantes by darkchapel666X-Men, Circa 1985 by olybearcharles xabier. by kaskajoProfessor Xavier - Courage by MichaelLThomasX-Men Pixel Art by EqualRightsforNerds1 Charles Xavier X-men by nati-nioXavier - Academy Introduction by Sweeneygirl310593Charles/Professor X by Sunshine-Girl524Charles Xavier X-men version 2 colored by tenshiflyersSunset and sunrise by Jazz-4Cherik: Lie with me by thenightdreamsProfessor X by Lorian-NodCherik-Savior Colored by DK-DarkKittyX-Men by smlshinDays of Future Past ~ X-Men by TheMuseumOfJeanette

And now again, Thoughts by SavvyRed

Fri Oct 10, 2014, 4:57 AM
I know that I'm very late for Comic Character of the Month.  As usual, I have a lot of reasons for it, but you all don't need anymore explanations.  I feel that I can do CCoM will be better if I relax a bit.  And afterwards, I will work on CCoM (I was working on it last night, but looking through 21 pages worth of art takes a lot of time).  So I will continue with another soothing episode of Thoughts By SavvyRed.

1. "Roses are grey, violets are grey, sugar is grey; if you think I'm colorblind, you must be insane!" - quoth every single dog in existence.

2. In America, you rob bank.  In Soviet Russia, bank robs you!

3. Dear Hugh Hefner,
We all know you shower.  Wear something other than a robe!

4. I think I found Bambi's mother.  There's a deer staring at me through the window, and she looks like she wants some child support money and alimony.

5. 1894: They said it in the newspaper, so it must be true!
1924: They said it on the radio.  It must be true!
1994: They said on the TV.  It must be true!
2014: What the f*** is a newspaper?

6. It doesn't make sense that life would be on a planet with water on it.  Alien hipsters would have put it in recyclable bottles, labelled it organic, and drank the whole damn thing by now.

7. I am Chinese American.  I once made a Powerpoint that went through 500,000 years of Spanish linguistic evolution completely in Spanish, but I keep spelling my name wrong in Chinese.

8. If being gay is a sin, then why does Jesus always invite people to his house to drink his wine and eat his crackers?

9. Do the other bears pick on pandas because they're vegans?  Shame on you, Winnie the Pooh!

10. I have a feeling I've stolen at least five jokes in writing this list.

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Who would win in a fight? 

9 deviants said Jaws
7 deviants said Aquaman
2 deviants said Who? :o


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